A Dining Dollar is equal to $1 which can be spent at all the UNK Dining locations.  These Dining Dollars are in addition to your regular meal swipes. The number of dollars you get to spend depends on your plan: Loper ($580) Gold ($460) or Blue ($340). These Dining Dollars will decline based on the amount you spend throughout the semester. Dining Dollars are not transferable to other students and can not be cashed out at the end of the semester.  

Dining Dollars can be used at: Chick-fil-A, The Grid, Java Notes, Starbucksand Subway, as well as at Louie's Diner and The Graze including the To Go program, as well as for catering orders. 

Students can either upgrade their meal plan or use Loper Dollars instead.  Loper Dollars is a prepaid declining balance administered by UNK and is not affiliated with any financial institution. Loper Dollars can be spent at all UNK Dining locations: Chick-fil-A, The Grid, Java Notes, Starbucks, Subway as well as Louie's Diner and The Graze.  Students receive a 20% discount on all purchases at the dining locations. Visit unk.edu for more details on this program.

Yes, Meal Plans can be changed to increase the amount of block meals and dining dollars at any time during the semester. Students have until the end of the first week of the semester to change a meal plan to decrease the amount of block meals and dining dollars. Please email UNK Office of Residence Life housing@unk.edu to change your meal plan.

If you will be living on campus and would like to change your meal plan before school begins contact the UNK Office of Residence Life by email at housing@unk.edu If you would like to increase your meal plan during the semester please visit our office on the 2nd floor of the Nebraskan Student Union or call (308) 865-8428. 

Bring your student I.D and driver's license (or something to show your birth date) to our office and you will receive a guest pass for a free meal from one of our dining halls. 

Both dining halls, The Graze and Louie's Diner, are open to anyone.  Students, faculty, staff, UNK contractors and members of the community are welcome to join us for a meal.  Want to bring a group? Contact our office at 308-865-8428 to schedule a large group visit.

No. Commuter students can use Loper Dollars- a prepaid declining balance account administered by UNK utilizing the student I.D. -as a convenient way to make purchases on campus.  Users receive a 20% discount at campus dining locations.  For more information please visit: unk.edu 

You can't transfer meal swipes to another student; however, you can pay for another student, just ask the cashier to swipe your card again for your guest. You can also pay for a guest using Dining Dollars as well. 

  • Breakfast $7.45
  • Lunch $9.50
  • Dinner $11.25
  • Specialty Dinner $13.05
*prices good through Aug 2022  

Busy Schedule? No problem! UNK Dining has a To Go program that will give you the ability to enjoy made-from-scratch food from our dining halls with the convenience of take-out.  With the To Go program, you will get a clean, eco-friendly re-usable container that you can fill in either dining hall (The Graze or Louie's Diner) and take with you. Simply rinse out the container and then exchange for a clean container the next time you want to take your food to go.  The To Go program costs $5.70 per semester.  Talk to the cashier in the The Graze  and they can help you get enrolled. Please visit the UNK Dining office or call us at (308) 865-8428 for additional information.

Yes. We have a UNK faculty/staff meal plan.   This plan provides 16 meals from the dining halls, or can be used for faculty/staff specific catered meals. This plan is good through the end of the summer term of the academic year.  

If you have questions regarding nutrition or ingredients you can visit with one of our managers or a Chef.  If you require accommodations due to a special dietary need please speak with the office of Disability Services for Students to fill out the necessary paperwork.

UNK Dining welcomes your feedback and suggestions. Please talk to a UNK Dining Manager or Chef, use the MyDtxt feedback option or the feedback link on our website. Every semester we do a customer satisfaction survey that also gives students, faculty & staff the opportunity to provide feedback.