Graze Meals, formerly known as block meals or swipes, are meal swipes that can be used in the two residential dining halls on campus – The Graze (located on the second floor of the Nebraska Student Union) and Louie’s Diner (located on the first floor of University Residence South). The ability to use Graze meals at other retail dining locations depends on current offerings and specials that will be advertised to students.

Dining Dollars are like cash that are mainly used for meal purchases at the retail dining locations on campus. However, they can also be used to purchase meals at The Graze and Louie’s Diner.

Graze Meals can be exchanged for a retail value of $8.00 which can be used at the retail locations for the Diamond 100 and Diamond 200 meal plans. However, currently for all other meal plans, there is not the ability to use Graze Meals at any retail locations.

Yes, there are no restrictions on the number of meals you can use during one meal period or on a daily basis.

If you run out of meals, you can upgrade your meal plan to a plan with more Graze Meals or Dining Dollars. You can also add Loper Dollars to your account to continue utilizing residential and retail dining options for the remainder of the semester.

For meal plan changes, please contact UNK Residence Life at You can add Loper Dollors through the GET app on any Apple or Android phone, on the UNK Website, or by visiting the Finance Office.

Yes, you can upgrade your meal plan at any time prior to or during the semester. For example, you can upgrade from the Diamond 100 to the Diamond 200 or from the Blue Plan to the Loper Plan. However, you are only able to downgrade your meal plan through the first week of classes for the respective semester. For example, you would not be able to downgrade from the Gold Plan to the Blue Plan after the first week of classes. If you would like to switch your meal plan, please contact UNK Residence Life at

You can track your meal plan usage by downloading and logging into the GET app on any Apple or Android phone. This app will provide you with instant information on your meal plan usage and balances. You may also ask the cashier at any dining location.

Meal plans for the Winter Three-Week Session will be made available and communicated to students once details are finalized.

There is a To-Go Program that will give you the ability to enjoy made-from-scratch food from the dining halls with the convenience of take-out. With the To-Go program, you will receive a clean, eco-friendly, re-usable container that you can fill in either The Graze or Louie's Diner and take with you. You can simply rinse out the container and then exchange for a clean container the next time you want to take your food to go. The To-Go Program costs $5.70 per box. Talk to the cashier in The Graze and they can help you get enrolled. If you are not utilizing the To-Go Program, you will not be allowed to take food out of The Graze or Louie’s Diner.

A summer meal plan is available at a weekly rate of $139.65 (Summer 2023). This includes up to three meals per day during the week and two meals per day on weekends.

Yes! There are meal plans available for all of these individuals. The details on these meal plans can be found on our website at My Meal Plan – Plan Options

Meal plans begin and end as follows:

Fall Semester: Friday before classes begin to the Friday of the last week of classes

Spring Semester: Sunday before classes begin to the Friday of the last week of classes

Summer Semester: Monday classes begin to the Thursday before classes begin for the following fall semester

Meal plans are not refundable based on utilization. Therefore, you are encouraged to track your meal plan usage throughout the semester to ensure you are taking advantage of the entire value of your specific meal plan.

On-campus meal plans are selected when submitting your Residence Hall Housing Contract. If you need to adjust this meal plan selection, please contact UNK Residence Life at Commuter and Community meal plans can be purchased by visiting the UNK Dining Office on the second floor of the Nebraskan Student Union or contacting us at 308-865-8428.

There are some restrictions on what meal plan you can purchase based upon your academic status and living situation. These meal plans and their restrictions can be found on our website at My Meal Plan – Plan .

You are not restricted to Commuter meal plans and are more than welcome to purchase a residential meal plan if you meet the class standing requirements associated with the respective plan, which can be found on our website at My Meal Plan – Plan Options . Please contact UNK Residence Life at to make this purchase.

Your meal plan will be included as part of your room and board charges on your MyBlue Student Account if you are living on-campus. Commuter and Community meal plans will need to be paid for when purchased with either cash or a credit/debit card.

Yes, you can use your Graze Meals or Dining Dollars for meals for friends or family members. We enjoy having them experience the UNK Dining locations and offerings. However, we first encourage you to ensure you have enough Graze Meals and Dining Dollars available to meet all your needs for the semester. However, this ability is not available with Summer or Three-Week Winter Session meal plans.

Quench is an unlimited beverage subscription that is paired with specific meal plans. Quench will allow you access to unlimited fountain beverages and drip coffee refills during hours of operation at Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Subway, and The Graze. You must present your Quench cup and Quench card to take advantage of this additional meal plan benefit.

Quench cups are 24 oz. insulated tumblers that are reusable and washable.

Your Quench cup is included with your meal plan cost. If you lose your Quench cup or card, you can contact us and we can provide a replacement. However, there is a $15.00 replacement charge for each lost Quench cup.

You will not be issued a new Quench cup each semester. However, you will be provided a new Quench sticker for your Quench card which will need to be presented each time you would like to fill your Quench cup.

Your Quench cup will be given to you at The Graze cash register at the beginning of the year.

Currently, the Quench Beverage Program is included with the Diamond 100, Diamond 200, and all Commuter and Community meal plans.

Your meal plan either has 100 or 200 Graze Meals available. Each Graze Meal is equivalent to one meal swipe in The Graze or Louie’s Diner. However, you are now able to “exchange” or use one Graze Meal for up to $8.00 in value at any retail location.

To pay the remainder of your retail meal cost, you can either exchange a second Graze Meal or utilize Loper Dollars. In addition, you can use other payment methods including cash and credit or debit card.

There is no limit on the number of Graze Meals you can exchange. You can exchange none of your meals, all of them, or anywhere in between.

To have quality and name brand retail locations, UNK Dining is required to pay fees and commissions related to your retail location purchases. Therefore, the exchange value must be adjusted to make this added benefit available without having to raise the costs of your meal plan.

Anyone is welcome to join us at The Graze or Louie’s Diner for any meal. The cost of these meals are as follows:

  • Breakfast - $7.67
  • Lunch - $9.79
  • Dinner - $11.59
  • Special Events - $13.44

Dining Dollars are included as part of your meal plan to use mainly at retail locations but they can also be used to pay for meals in The Graze or Louie’s Diner. Loper Dollars must be added to your account through the GET app, the Finance Office, or by utilizing the kiosk located in the main atrium of the Nebraskan Student Union. Loper Dollars are available to any student, faculty, staff, or affiliate of UNK and also provide a 20% discount at all dining locations.

Hours of operation can be found at Please note that these hours are subject to change for various reasons including weather and holidays. These changes will be posted and communicated on our website, email, and social media.

Please visit the UNK Dining office located on the second floor of the Nebraskan Student Union to discuss food allergies and dietary restrictions. Our management will work with you to find a plan that meets your needs.

Concerning weather incidents, when students are on campus, UNK Dining will always have dining options available. Exact hours and locations will be communicated to students and the UNK community via email and social media. Holiday hours will vary and will also be communicated.

Yes! We are always looking for students that are interested in joining our team. We offer competitive wages and flexible schedule to ensure you fulfill your responsibilities as a student first. Please stop by the UNK Dining office on the second floor of the Nebraskan Student Union to apply!

Menus for the day can be found on our Facebook and Instagram stories or on our Everyday app, which is available on the App Store for both iPhones and Androids. We also post menus on our digital displays throughout the dining locations.